Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tinkerbell Bouquet

A Tinkerbell birthday bouquet. 18 lollipops flavored with strawberry, bubble gum, and cotton candy. In the glass vase is a tinkerbell doll that can be removed and played with along with all of its accessories. The legs have been removed, but can definitely be reattached! This bouquet could be used as a cute display and then each child at the party can take a lollipop as their party favor!

Price with doll: $60

Price without doll: $45

Here is another picture of the finished product with more ribbon and some tinkerbell wands. The lollipops are wrapped in this picture which makes them more difficult to see because of the flash.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Puppy dog Birthday Bouquet!

Price: $30

This Birthday Bouquet was custom made for a one year old birthday party with a puppy dog theme. The eight puppy lollipops and 5 dogbone lollipops are made of milk chocolate and white chocolate. The 5 circle pops and large Happy Birthday pop are hard candy lollipops flavored with wild cherry and each say "Happy Birthday" All 19 of these lollipops are arranged in a ceramic dog food dish.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Large Glass Christmas Bouquet


This arrangement is in a large glass vase filled with red and gold ornaments and wrapped in gold tulle and ribbon. It is a poinsettia themed bouquet with silk poinsettias and leaves surrounding the 18 large lollipops. They are flavored with wintergreen, peppermint, butterscotch, and snickerdoodle. This would make a beautiful centerpiece for your next Christmas party!
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Large Box Christmas Bouquet

Price: $35

This is a fun arrangement in a cute reusable lidded Christmas box. There are 21 Christmas themed lollipops flavored with wintergreen, snickerdoodle, peppermint, adn gingerbread.
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Medium Sized Christmas Bouquet


This medium sized bouquet is arranged in a reusable ceramic cookie jar with lid. It holds 14 Christmas pops flavored with butterscotch, snickerdoodle, peppermint, and wintergreen.
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A second example of our Med. Sized Bouquet. In a similar sized cookie jar these lollipops, these fifteen lollipops are flavored with marshmallow, root beer, wild cherry, and wintergreen.

Small Box Christmas Bouquet

Price: $18

This Christmas bouquet has 10 Christmas themed lollipops flavored with peppermint, root beer, wintergreen, and marshmallow. It would be a great gift for teachers, neighbors, or co-workers.
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Santa's Sleigh

Price: $15

Santa's sleigh is filled with one Santa pop and nine present pops.
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Mug of Pops

Price: $10

5 Christmas pops in a cute ceramic mug. Have a peppermint lollipop while your sipping hot cocoa from your new mug!
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Price: $5

Three Christmas pops nestled in a small glass votive holder. Your choice from an assortment of Christmas lollipops. These would be so cute at individual place settings for your Christmas dinner!
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Our first bouquet!

Here is our first bouquet made for Thanksgiving. This is a bouquet in a large glass vase filled with fall berries and decorated with autumn leaves. It contains 20 fall themed lollipops flavored with butterscotch, pina colada, and root beer.

Price: $40